LVC Job Center Site

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 10.02.23 PM

The LVC Job Center site is a website that most Lebanon Valley College students will utilize during their education. Run by Career Services and available through MyLVC, it is a career database with resources to obtain help with resumes, interviews, etc, databases of both possible internship and job openings as well as alumni willing to be career mentors, and much more. One chooses to attend college in order to ultimately go out into the workforce and have a career, and this site is meant to help students further themselves professionally. When you know how to conduct yourself in a work setting and demonstrate the communications skills and knowledge required of your desired field, you will stand out amongst other potential hires. It is Job Center’s goal to make the professional world accessible for students of Lebanon Valley College.

However, this site shows several issues in accomplishing it’s goals. One of these issues is related to the efficiency heuristic. As visible in the photo above, the webpage is packed with multiple sections of content, navigation bars, and side columns. After composing a usability test with several practical tasks, it becomes clear that the job center cite makes what should be simple tasks very  confusing. In my opinion, the creators of this site probably did not develop a hierarchy of needs for the page. Instead it appears that all of the content was put on one page without understanding the users goals or priorities. By preforming more usability tests or card sorts, the designers of the site should be able to construct a better and more efficient site for LVC students.


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