Poorly Placed Drawer


This weeks post is focusing on a poorly designed kitchen layout in an LVC apartment. This design has numerous flaws related accessibility, kinematic load, and mental models. The flaw in this design is due to the placement of the oven door, which doesn’t allow the drawer to be opened the entire way. The only way that the drawer can be opened completely is if the oven door is pulled out. However, this creates an additional issue because the drawer is almost impossible to reach with the oven door in the way.

This design has accessibility issues because it limits the degree to which this system can be accessed by any user. The additional step of having to open the oven to be able to have access to the drawer increases the kinematic load on users by adding additional steps. Finally, this drawer does not meet mental models of how users should be able to access drawers or cabinets in a kitchen.

Solutions to this design could be as simple as installing a different oven that has a oven handle that doesn’t restrict the  opening of the drawer. Other solutions could be removing the drawer all together, or even have the drawer front be glued shut, which would maintain the visual appeal of having but would remove the functionality issues.


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