Samsung TV Control Button


This week’s poorly designed system is the button system on my 32″ Samsung TV. Even though this design creates a more simplistic appearance to the TV, it can make carrying out functions without the remote very difficult.

My main issue with this design is that the button(shown above)is located underneath the TV screen. Because of this placement, there is no visual confirmation for users to see what they are pushing. More importantly, someone who never used this TV before would most likely assume that there are no buttons on the TV to adjust volume, channel, etc. Also, this design breaks the mental model of what buttons on a TV look and function like. In this design you must you must press and hold the button to the left or right to adjust the volume. Too change channels, users must move the knob frontwards or backwards.

Even though this design makes the TV more visually appealing, this button would need to be placed on the side of the TV for it to be a more functional feature.


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