Peyton Manning “Regretfully Declines” Fan’s Invite

Several weeks ago NFL star quarterback Peyton Manning received a wedding invitation. However, this was no ordinary invite and unfortunately Manning couldn’t make the wedding.The request came via a fan and Manning even sent his RSVP weeks late. For this fan though, they received  the souvenir of a lifetime.

Manning’s note “regretfully declining” the invite to a female fan’s wedding was posted online on Monday. The RSVP has been viewed more than a million times since and reached the top of Reddit’s front page. Here it is, complete with a “Best Wishes” and Manning’s autograph:


After seeing the note, as a fan this is just a testament of how Manning is not only a great player, but also a great person. This was seen first hand by this fan who couldn’t be too disappointed by receiving the note and autograph by Peyton. 


One thought on “Peyton Manning “Regretfully Declines” Fan’s Invite

  1. It’s always nice to see professional athletes caring about there fans. It shows that they too are real people and that they don’t think that they are any better than anyone else just because of their position in society.

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