Click 4 Christmas

In today’s world there is often an association between social media and procrastination. While this connection can be true in many cases, it is my personal opinion that social media can be used for social good.  A simple way that this can be done would be for large corporations to sponsor a group or cause if they get a certain amount of Twitter followers or Facebook friends. Even though this concept could be used for many different types of organizations, I would like to see this concept created for my own organization entitled, “Click for Christmas”.  The concept and mission of this company would be allow for people to make a difference without ever having to invest time or make commitments.

Click for Christmas would be an organization that would use a Facebook or Twitter page and then make an agreement or contract with a large corporation. The corporation and Click for Christmas would then determine how much money the corporation would donate for every follower or friend. For an example, perhaps Click for Christmas was to have a partnership with Coca-Cola and it was determined that they would donate $1,000 for every 100 followers the Click for Christmas  Twitter page acquired. As the Twitter page grew in popularity, it would be very easy for the company to gross a large amount of money in a very short amount of time.

Click for Christmas would have several options based off of the amount of followers they would receive. My vision for the organization would be to help fund Christmas for families in need by purchasing food for meals as well as gifts. The distribution of these items could be done in various ways such as going door to door to donate the items in communities that are experiencing poverty. However, there are multiple other methods in which Click for Christmas would be able to make Christmas better for those in need. Another option includes holding holiday parties in these communities. Community members would then be invited to participate in holiday festivities that they typical would not be able to enjoy if it were not for Click for Christmas.

One of the most important aspects of this corporation is the fact that it has no cost for those who follow the page on Twitter or become friends on Facebook. The only real cost comes from the corporation that sponsors Click for Christmas. Also, through the donations made by the corporations, Click for Christmas would then be able to pay for those who work or manage the organization. This is what sets Click for Christmas apart from other similar organizations because people can make a difference without ever leaving their homes. Additionally, it is very common to see inspirational posts on social media to go viral in a very short amount of time and I can envision this being the case for an organization like Click for Christmas.

Also, Click for Christmas is company that would meet a major need in today’s society. According to, “A new poll by CBS News shows 50% of Americans are concerned they can’t afford presents this year, 21% surveyed said they are very concerned about affording gifts this year, and 29% said they were somewhat concerned.”(Holmquist)  Click for Christmas would be able to reduce these numbers by providing aid to those families who worry about whether they will be able to afford Christmas or not. Click for Christmas is also able to meet the needs of others without requiring the commitment of many volunteers, which there are becoming less and less of. According to an article by Heather Zydek, one of the main reasons why people do not volunteer is because of time commitments. With Click for Christmas people are empowered to make a difference with a simple click of a button.

Overall, Click for Christmas is an ideal way to use social media for social good. It very simply allows users to help and raise awareness for a cause without actually having to volunteer, make commitments, or invest time. This is also a perfect way for a corporation to advertise as well.  Through Click for Christmas, it can be concluded that social media can in fact, be used to create social good.


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